Saturday, September 15, 2012

..vs Falafel Bistro


Address:  1669 Algonquin Rd.
                 Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Times open: Sun - Thur: 11am-9pm
                     Fri - Sat: 11am-10pm

Prices: $$ ( out of $$$$$)

Ordered: pita chicken tawook and tea

Overall experience: meh


         It is an old lesson that I occasionally forget. Whenever a place looks deserted, there are no cars in front of it, you may want to to think twice before you enter.

         I do have an excuse. I was originally going to the Sushi Station nearby, but they were closed at the time I went (2ish). So I put on my adventure hat and went to the Falafel Bistro instead. It was open and empty.

        I did not let this deter me this time. I went in and said hai. The guy who looked like a manager shouted to some kid to get over here. I was mildly amused, but the kid was nice and helpful.

       Since I did not know what I wanted I let the kid choose for me. He recommended me the chicken tawook. I did get that, paid $8.67 and went to get my tea. It was lukewarm. Ewww... it is either iced or hot... make your decision... but lukewarm tea isn't something that a customer should be subjected to.

      The kid gave me my tawook and I dug in. I was starving. Usually, starving = tasty food no matter what you eat. This time however, it did not go well. The chicken was bland and not spicy at all. The tepid tea did not help the overall experience.

     It is all quite a shame because if it wasn't for the food it would have been a very nice place for me to stop on the way to school. Shame on you Falafel for this mediocre experience.

    Lesson learned yet again. Do not eat at a deserted place....even if it looks nice.

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  1. The owner contacted me almost immediately after my initial post. I was surprised and intrigued. I am glad I went back. The owner was right; I tried the wrong thing.

    This time I had chicken pita.:>:>

    I decided to upgrade from meh to yay because I obviously chose the wrong food and extrapolated to everything there.

    Extra point for an extra nice owner,

    Next time... its exotic ice-cream time.:>